Club Fees

Annual Membership

Payable by end of March 2010

Adults: £40.00
Juniors: (under 18's) £20.00

Guest training fees will be charged from April if existing members do not renew by the end of March. New members joining part way through a membership period will be charged pro rata.

New Members - will pay guest training rates and will be expected to make a decision whether to join after attending four sessions. Upon payment of membership, members training fees will be charged.

KUGB Licence

Image of KUGB License

A KUGB licence is required if you are to grade within the club, it also has many other benefits which are explained on the KUGB page

This also allows students to participate in KUGB organised events and tornaments.

Training Fees

Student (NUS): £3.00

Student One Month: £20.00

Adult: £5.50

Adult One Month (Standing Order): £40.00

Monthly ~ payable by Standing Order, monthly in advance
Adults: £40.00
Juniors: £20.00

(Family rates - Please contact Sensei Valerie Dale)


Only full members of the club will be allowed to grade. KUGB rules state that you must train a minimum of twice a week for three months between gradings in order to be eligible to grade. However, although you may be eligible you must also meet internal club requirements in order to be put forward for grading. The final decision will rest with Sensei Dale and his team of instructors.

What else do you need?

Image of Karate Mitts

GI ('Karate Suit') - Basic lightweight GI's can be bought from the club, includes a white belt - £15

Mitts (Hand Protectors) - Required if you are entering tournaments, used in class also, best to buy from kamae as they are KUGB tournamant approved. (Optional)

Groin Guard / Chest Guards / Mouth Guard - Essential for entering Kumite Competitions. (Optional)